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SCG IQ: Windsor Top 8 Retrospective

A great event, good competition and overall a great day for the Junk Re-animators!  I would first like to personally thank everyone whom I had the opportunity to play against this past Saturday at the Windsor SCG International Qualifier.  All of my opponents gave me a good insight into playing my deck better, and I thank you all for that.

While the numbers were not as huge as hoped on Saturday, I think most of my matches came down to  playing a tight game, and staying focused on the game plan of the deck.  In doing so, I was able to grab up a top 8 slot and pin.  The night before the tourney, I played the exact same 60 cards at The CG Realm’s FNM (Friday Night Magic).  I took this opportunity to play the deck against the local meta, to see all what sorts of flavours the area would have in stock.  With this information I would be able to make proper adjustments where it mattered most, the Sideboard.  I knew that Junk Re-animator was a strong deck as I kept hearing about how it was winning all of the events, and I wanted to give the Titan a shot.  At FNM I went undefeated and quickly realized why this deck was having such success. While it’s pretty simple to slap down a turn 4 angel and win the game, most games I played went in a whole different direction.  I was fortunate enough to not have to play the mirror match which can be the toughest and longest match-up for the deck.  I did have some neat sideboard tech that I still haven’t seen anyone else use,  Glaring Spotlight.  I feel like this card is obviously the perfect answer to Bant Hexproof which had introduced me to plenty of quick losses through play testing.  Weighing that against how I could play against a mirror match, I felt like this had earned its way into the Sideboard.  Glaring Spotlight allows you to generate a potentially lethal board state of Thragtusk‘s and Restoration Angel‘s without your opponent knowing you’re about to ruin their day.  I do suspect that in the mirror match, its a race to hit the Craterhoof Behemoth and call it a day, not having to rely solely on the power of the Craterhoof Behemoth to win the game.

With that strategy being said, my Top 8 Experience was honestly something I’ve never had  before in all my years playing Magic.  For this primary reason, I am writing this article with the intention to connect with other players who’ve had the same or a similar experience and bounce back with confidence.  After the Top 8 was announced, all participants were informed that we were getting deck checked, which is standard treatment.  This is where things got messy, and this is the prelude to my demise.  For us on this weekend, we all grouped our cards my name and amount, then submitted the decks.  When we got them back, they were still clumped together.  I shuffled as reasonably as possible before playing my first match of the Top 8.  I would be on the draw, as I was 5th place and Rob Fram (my only loss of the day) was 4th place, giving him Play or Draw priority. In same fashion as the day started, I could feel the loss creeping back into view, Rob played a very tight Naya Blitz deck and saw victory in game 1.   After 4 years of Shuffling, I would be on the play, so  I drew 7 cards with no lands, and mulled down to 6, then to 5, then to 4, then to 3. No lands at all.  That’s right, I hadn’t seen a single land in all those hands.

For me, that would be all she wrote.  I was now eliminated from the tournament.  I didn’t really get a chance to even fully compete for my chance to win in the top 8 because of extremely poor draws.  This is something I know other players have experienced, and I one of the key parts of losing in this fashion is understanding that it is not something you have control over.  Yes you can shuffle more, but that’s not what I’m speaking about, I mean this is one aspect of the game where lady luck has turned her back on you, and left you in the dust.  Since my return to MTG, I’ve made it a priority to always strive to become better with MTG by understanding where I’ve misplayed in a match or where I should have mulled a hand away or even reading a players body language better.  These are all aspects that you can control, and can improve your game.  Drawing lands is something you cannot fault yourself on.  While It is a pretty brutal way to get eliminated, I think it’s best to reflect on plays of the previous games you’ve had.  At the end of the day, if you’ve made the proper plays with the hand you’ve been dealt, then you’re doing everything right.

I’m almost positive I was the first person to be eliminated on Saturday in the top 8, however this has not left me with a sour taste in my mouth, nor has it turned me off to the deck I was playing.  It has made me more anxious to get back into the saddle and play some more competitive magic!  I don’t let my losses drag me down, rather I try to learn as much from them as I can, so they happen less.  And you know what, I think it’s working.

If any part of this article has helped anyone look at losing differently, or inspired them to think about things they can do to improve on the little things that make a game of magic that much better, then it has been worth it.

Thanks for reading,


Magic Market #1

Welcome to the first installment of Magic Market.  Every week, we will take a look at the cards that are hot, and the ones that are not. As I’m not much for words let’s just get right into it.



Since the start of this Modern season, this guy has been steadily climbing. Just before Christmas you could still get him on ebay from 70-80. As of today the cheapest available buy it now is 99.99, and on and the cheapest I could find was 109 after shipping. I don’t think that Tarmogoyf has peaked, but he doesn’t that much more room to go.   If you’re not playing him, it’s probably getting near the time to get rid of him. You also have to remember that last year after Modern season Tarmogoyf dropped to an easy $60 each. This year there’s a chance that he might drop even more, because after Modern season closes, the Modern Masters set will be released. Now while I don’t ever expect the original Tarmogoyf to drop below $60, we don’t really know yet how large the print run for Modern Masters will be (wizards has promised a very small print run, I know).   Until that happens, there is just no way to assess how badly the reprinted version will effect the originals value. If you can sell yours right now, for at least $110, in a couple month’s you should have no real problem getting the reprint for as low as $40.

Rhox Faithmender

That’s right this guy has turned into an actual card worth having. Currently he’s goes for about $4 each.  That might not seem like a lot, but you have to remember that back in November, this was considered a “Jank Rare”. You could of easily gotten him as a throw in, in just about any trade, heck I think there was a time that we were selling him in the store for $0.50. Now i know what your thinking, “Why the hell is this card worth money?”. Well that’s really simple, he beats the shit out of mono red. Short of a huge miracled bonfire, [Editors note: or a Brimstone Volley with morbid], mono red needs to use 2 cards to get rid of him. It get’s worse when you manage to keep him around long enough to drop a Thragtusk. Before the new year mono red really wasn’t a deck, so this guy didn’t matter at all. But since then, mono red has won a SCG Open and it’s popping up every where making Rhox Faithmender relevant. But understand this, he is literally only good as long as the format stays like this, he will not stay up for long. I can’t really see him topping the $5 range. That being said, he’s proven himself a valid sideboard card so I don’t really expect him to drop back down to jank level, $2 seems about right for him.

Serum Visions

Since the start of the current modern season, this card and his dumber brother Sleigh of Hand have been climbing in price. It might seem like a weird card to write about, but I felt that I had to mention Serum Visions, because it has tripled in price in just a matter of a few weeks. A year ago it would have been hard for people to believe that this card was worth $1, now it’s currently selling for $3 each. Personally I think this is crazy, and I would think that this is about peak for them. I would expect them to be reprinted as commons in the upcoming modern masters set, and that should drop him back down to a normal price.

Steam Vents

Talk about a card that has hit an all time low. As of right now their selling for less then $8 each on, and if you get a little lucky you can get them for as low as $5 each on ebay. I just can’t really believe that any shock land can stay this low forever, but they’re just not seeing enough standard play right now to make up for the amount that were printed. I would expect that after the release of Gatecrash you’ll start to see all the older shock lands, raise in price, probably to about $12-$15.


Here is another card that rises and falls with the modern season. But honestly this year, I think its starting to get out of hand. According to ebay, back in November you could have landed yourself one of these for just about $20. Right now if you able to get one under $60 your getting a good deal. This is all really thanks to modern season; if your playing black in modern, guess what… you are playing this card. Yes its that good. Should it be worth this much?  For the time being, yeah I think so. You should also be aware that this would be the peak for this card, if you can get $60 or even close to it, take it. Whether or not its reprinted in modern masters it will drop come the end of modern season.


This card is currently, and has been dropping ever since the start of this format. It peaked at the start of the current standard format, when the u/w/r miracle deck was topping events, but since then, Terminus has not seen a lot of love. At current time it is sitting at about $7-8 each, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it drop as low as $5-6 before the release of Gatecrash.


Lets take a look at what the some of the currently spoiled card for Gatecrash, and what their pre-selling at.  I will attempt to tell you if you should be jumping on board, or waiting until release day.

Gideon, Champion of Justice

Currently it’s pre-selling for 25-30 each. Now if he happens to find a home in “THE NEXT TOP STANDARD DECK”, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him reach up to $35. That being said 20-25 seems the right price range for this card. So if you have the intention of playing him, getting some pre-ordered may not be a terrible choice, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drop to 20 or even under soon after the release.

Obzedat, Ghost Council

Ok for starters, let me point out that I’m a huge Orzhov fan, and that being said I love this card. He’s currently pre-selling for 20-25, and I would think that that’s the right price for him. There’s some chance for him to grow in price, but we haven’t really seen enough of the B/W cards to figure out how good the deck is going to be. Now would I pre-order him for 25 each… no I wouldn’t. After seeing how fast the older guild leaders from RTR dropped, there’s just not chance I would drop that much money on him, with just the information we currently have.

Domri Rade

Another Gatecrash mythic that is pre-selling for 20-25. I really think that this price, is just too much for this card. I mean, he’s good, but he’s no where near the level of cards like Geist of Saint Traft or Thragtusk. I would think that 14-16 is about the right price for him, but I could be a little off. I really don’t expect him to break the format.

Prime Speaker Zegana

Ok so this guild leader is current pre-selling for just under $15. Now I really think that this card is going to be able to do some crazy things in the upcoming February format, and he’s also going to have a home in just about every Simic EDH deck. That being said, I still really feel like $15 is the right price.  I would expect the foil to be worth quite a bit more because of EDH, but the pre-order price on the normal one seems good for the time being.

Aurelia, the Warleader

The current pre-order prices for this card is between 10-13, and that actually seems a little high. Yeah I know its a cool card, and while it does look like a lot of fun to play, I’m just not sure he is going to find a home in standard. As far as my money is concern I wouldn’t invest that much in this guys stock.

And now for the last card of the day.

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

Currently pre-selling at $8. I think this guys is just the right mana cost with a good enough effect that he has a really good chance of seeing standard play. I mean, it really all depends on what the meta develops into, but I can see Lazav being a real player in the upcoming format. So if it looks like you might be interested in the playing a deck that involves B/U, i would think about picking up a couple of these guys before the price rises.

In closing,

Just before I stop for the night I’m going to leave you guys with some final thoughts. Now the Magic the Gathering card market can mean a slew of different things for everyone involved with this great game. No matter how you choose to play Magic, trends in the market are going to have huge effects on you, and on which cards your going to buy/play. So its always a great idea to think a couple important factors:
1. Keep you eyes out for the current PTQ season, as that has a huge effect on card prices. I.E. Modern season brings the prices up on modern cards. Seems easy right, but I’ve seen people almost go crazy when they invest hundreds of hard earned dollars into cards for their favorite EDH decks, only to find out that had they waited a couple weeks, for a certain season to finish, they could have saved themselves a ton of cash.
2. Rotation. Now if you happened to have only recently started playing, you might not be completely sure what this means. Standard is a rotating format that is always compromised of the last two blocks and the most current core set (I know that for a little over 2 months a year we have 2 core sets in standard, but I am trying to keep it simple). Standard rotation happens every year at the start of October, we lose last years core set, and the oldest of the standard blocks, and gain the 1st set of a brand new block. This rotation has a huge effect on the cards that are leaving standard… they drop in price, I mean they really drop in price, hard.
3. Hype. Everyone does it, they see one of their favorite pro players win a huge event with a card that before said event was a very low price; Craterhoof Behemoth anyone?  They assume that since it went up like crazy in price it must be worth having. Sometimes, the card is really great, but is it really worth that new price tag? No probably not, give the card a little while to calm down, and it will settle to a more manageable price. Sometimes the hype is worth buying into, when Thundermaw Hellkite started his climb back up after he dropped to about $8 each, buying them would have been amazing as they reached just under $40 each. It’s really up to you to figure out how much risk you’re willing to take, but in the Magic Market be prepared for a lot more busts then boons.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you guys next week when we finish our review of the Gatecrash mythics pre-order prices, and cover some of the up and coming top rares from Gatecrash.
Shawn Cyr

Gatecrash Intro to New Guild Mechanics Part 2

We’re back for part 2.  Remember guys the Pre-Release is January 25th and the release is February 1st.  We have three guilds left to cover so lets jump right into it.

First let’s get started with The Gruul Clans

     Now this time around the loosely affiliated Gruul Clans have decided to give us the Bloodrush mechanic. Now while I really enjoy the flavor of this, I honestly think its kinda underwhelming. Last time around Gruul gave us a mechanic call Bloodthirst, this made it so that; if you had previously dealt damage, their guys came into play with and extra +1/+1 counter. Now like I said, I like the flavor because the idea that members of the Gruul clans are so excited to get into combat, that they don’t even have time to wait to come into play, sounds really cool. As far as limited is concerned turning all your guys into pump spells doesn’t seem that bad, but I honestly don’t really see this mechanic breaking standard any time soon. I mean it basically means that all your Bloodrush cards, are two cards in one right… But we’ve had split cards, or just cards with multiple abilities before, and in the past Wizards has given us some crazy cards like Tooth and Nail, and Fire // Ice to just name a few; but I honestly feel like their going to be more careful with this, granted there will be some good cards, I just don’t expect them to give us something as powerful as Delver of Secrets. I could also be completely off target and this could be the new mechanic that will make Naya Zoo completely crazy, but… I’m not holding my breath.

The Simic Combine
Fathom Mage

     The Simic Combine, we now have our old Blue/Green friends up to their same old tricks, but for (the most part at least) a completely new purpose. They also bring us the Evolve mechanic. Now before we really start in on this new mechanic lets talk about this card… Wow I just love this card. Yeah it might seem just a little bit overcosted, but think about this card’s interactions with our current control cards, “yeah that’s right I cast Snapcaster Mage targeting my Azorius Charm and since I have a Fathom Mage in play I also get to draw a card”. How about drawing a card for playing your Thragtusk. I know everyone is afraid of the one toughness (that’s what a format with Gut Shot in it will do), but that might not matter.  I guess Tragic Slip might be an issue, but I still see great thing in the future for this card. As far as Evolve itself is concerned, its basically Graft updated to the new feel of this guild. Yes their still looking to make everything stronger, but now they no longer sacrifice other lives for their purposes. Now, as for how strong Evolve will be, I don’t imagine that most of the spells with it are going to see much constructed play, but if we can at least get another card, as powerful, or even more so then Fathom Mage, I think we have the makings of a decent mechanic.

Last but not least we have, The Boros Legion
Firemane Avenger

     First Lightning Helix on a body sounds really cool. I have a feeling that this card may have the same problem as Sublime Archangel right now; great card, but just doesn’t have a deck that it can go into. As far as the Battalion mechanic goes, I think its great. The Boros are at their best when they’re working together and this shows it off in a really cool way. While it might seem to some, that since you have to have at least three creatures out to make these guys good, the cards that have been spoiled so far are by no means overcosted. So while their not that great without at least 2 other guys attacking, they’re still not awful. As long as most of them are cheap and efficient, I see no real reason why Boros deck win’s won’t be a great deck come February. We also can’t forget what these little guys will do when they’re working with their friends from Grulls, and Selesnya to form a new Naya deck, they can also bring Huntmaster of the Fells for the ride; sounds fun.

Thanks for reading guys, and be sure to join me every Wednesday for “Magic Market”, a new series of articles that will look at whats happening, whats going to happen and what has happened in the Marketplace of Magic Cards.
Shawn Cyr

Gatecrash Intro to New Guild Mechanics Part 1

Gatecrash Pre-release will be the 25th of January 2013. You guys know what that means right… IT’S SPOILER TIME; some people call Christmas the best time of the year, but they have never had the joy of spoiler time. Every new card that’s spoiled gets it full day in the sun, everyone has a prediction for the future. Yeah I once told everyone that would listen that Life From The Loam was going to be format defining (and also proceeded to pre-order dozens of them), but when top players like Bryan Kibler write an entire article devoted to telling people that Daybreak Ranger is going to break standard, I feel like I’m still ahead somehow. There’s already spoiled cards being posted on various other site’s, (my favorite being Mtg Salvation) and we’re going to try to give you a quick spoiler on new mechanics. Please remember that the set FAQ doesn’t come out until next week, so there may be some speculation on interactions, and since we only have one card for each mechanic, we only have some much information to go on.

Here we go.
House Dimir
Dimir Cipher

     Our first card is Whispering Madness, the card itself is a functional reprint of Windfall, of course it costs an extra Black mana, but you really didn’t think they’d just give us windfall did you? If it’s cost was just 2U the card would have way too much of an impact on Modern, giving decks like storm a draw seven is never a good idea if you truly have a hope of giving “fair” decks a chance. That being said, even discounting the “cipher” mechanic (we will get into that in a minute) I think this card has a fair chance of seeing standard play, maybe in a deck utilizing Epic Experiment. Now for cipher its self, I really enjoy this mechanic from both a playing and flavor standpoint.

Talking about the Cipher mechanic itself we can see huge impacts in how we play magic. Imagine attaching a Cipher draw card to a creature like Invisible Stalker, a 1/1 unblockable that whenever it connects with your opponent you get to draw, seems good right? How about attaching a Cipher version of Terror to Geist of Saint Traft, not only is he hexproof and you get a 4/4 angel token, but you also get to destroy a non-black non-artifact creature. Yeah I think we going to have a lot of fun with Cipher. As far as flavor goes this seems to fit right in with the image of House Dimir that we get from reading over the Wizards website. The idea of these guys hiding spells and such that they can use when you least expected seems about right.

Now for the Orzhov Syndicate
Treasury Thrull

     Treasury Thrull, now while this card might cost a little too much mana and not really do enough to make him playable in the current standard meta, the Extort mechanic gives me a lot of hope for the Orzhov guild. Yeah it might not seem to hit hard enough, all it really does is drain one life at a time, but if you were around last time when Guildpact came out, you remember the power of a little card called Ghost Council of Orzhova. This little guy was a house, and while the Exhort mechanic is really only half of what this card did, (and in all honesty the bad half) in a deck that constantly attacked your opponents hand, and played cards like The Rack, the draining of an extra life a turn became relevant, and now you don’t even have to sacrifice creatures. Now in all honesty Exhort might be a bust, but I will withhold judgment until we see more of the Orzhov cards, because if we do get the right card this ability could be insane.

As far as flavor goes, Wizards gets another bulls eye in my opinion. After reading the guild description of the Orzhov Syndicate, thinking of these guys slowly exhorting (see what I did there) you of all your worldly possessions (including your life) seems like what they would do.

And that’s part one of my Mechanic Review for Gatecrash join me sometime on Monday for part 2.
Shawn Cyr

Yugioh Saturday and Sunday

      Check us out each and every Saturday for YuGiOh advanced tournaments. Starting at 1:00pm we have our casual event that is $2 entry, prizes being based on attendance and paid out to the top four in store credit.
      Then at 4:00pm we have a $5 event, this event is for our more experienced players, a little higher entry but you’ll see a much higher prize pay outs.

      Then don’t forget to come out each and every Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm for a $10 win-a-box.

See you guys there.
TheCGRealm Staff

January 2012 FNM

Every Friday night at 6:00 there will be a standard constructed FNM, entry is $5 and prizes will be paid out in booster packs of the most current set. Prizes will always be based on attendance and top 4 shall always receive that months FNM promo card. Everyone in the event that does not make top 4 will be eligible for a free promo card from the promo box.

We also try to have a Booster Draft every Friday after the standard part of FNM. This draft will also be sanctioned as an FNM $15 entry keep what you draft with prizes in packs paid out after swiss. Top 4 shall also receive that months FNM promo card.